[Old Blog Post] What’s New ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update BUILD Prerelease?


Hi everyone

At October 28, Before Build, As you can read New updates came to Visual Studio Web Tools and ASP.NET in ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update Build Prerelease. Last Week At Build Scott Hanselman ve Jon Galloway presented new feaures with very amusing demos. You can watch this enjoyable video here. It might show some new features that excite me. This is just a prerelease.

Some errors can occur that are not supported by Microsoft eventually and the final release will be coming in December, 2012.


This prelease only works on Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web. So you must have VS2012.


Download here.

What’s New?

  1. Web Publishing
  2. Single Page Application and Facebook Application Templates in ASP.NET MVC
  3. Web API Tracing, OData, Help Page
  4. Windows Azure Authentication
  5. SignalR Item Template
  6. ASP.NET Friendly URLs

1- Web Publishing

  • Web Application Project and Web Sites have the same publish experience
  • You can:
    • Publish selected files.
    • See the differences between local files and remote files.
    • Update the local files with remote files or update remote files to local files

2-The New Templates in ASP.NET MVC 4:Single Page Application and Facebook Application (+Facebook C# SDK)

Actually, Single Page Application(SPA) appeared over a year ago in ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview and was later removed from ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta. Now, it’s here again.


As A Template SPA is a TODO list project uses Web API, jQuery and Knockout. In generally SPA is a single page. All events come across and never postback according to Scott Hanselman.


In addition to them, You can develop Facebook application and you can log in with facebook connect. You can add FacebookAuthorize attribute to a specific controller action so the application requires Facebook’s Auth and specific types of permission/access(email,user_birthday, friends_birthday).


3-Web API Tracing, OData, Help Page

Using Web API, there are sometimes the problems occur. But we can not determine these even if we use the browser’s debugger. Yet, we had not been able to find out where the order had been obtained, which system had answered to it and where it had been given to and what its type was. Now we can do it. Before you begin, you should install ASP.NET WEB API Tracing

For instance, I wrote this url to run get method:


Trace Result:


We know that How Web API use, response from Web API with Help Page


If You wanna use OData You add “Queryable” Attribute to Controller, then You can change URL to api/values/$top=150

4-Windows Azure Authentication

You can easily authenticate with Windows Azure Authentication for web applications hosted on Windows Azure using Windows Azure Active Directory. You can authenticate Office365 users or your own custom Windows Azure Active Directory domain’s users

5-SignalR Item Template’i

Developing by Damian Edwards and David Fowler SignalR is a new member of ASP.NET that makes it simple real-time web capabilities to your ASP.NET application using Web Sockets. You can develop a chat application in short time of about 15-20 minutes. You can make reverse-push exaclty like in facebook without updating anything on the page. You can develop a game using HTML 5 + SignalR like this was announced by Scott Hanselman.

SignalR is ready a Item Template in Visual Studio 2012.


6-ASP.NET Friendly URLs

We have alway created browser friendly URLs without extension in ASP.NET. However, We’ve used some techniques such as urlrewrite. Anyway, There is no extension problem in ASP.NET Web Forms. You can install “Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls” on NuGet Manager Console to use FriendlyUrls

To Get More information:  http://aspnetfriendlyurls.codeplex.com/

In the example below, only “About” and “Contract” are seen instead of “About.aspx or Contact.aspx” extensions of our web page.






I hope this post is useful.

I’ll see you later next posts

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