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[Blog Post] Free TechSmith Softwares(Camtasia, Snagit) for Technology Leaders(MCTs)

Hi  everyone especially Microsoft Certified Trainers(MCTs), 2 days ago, I saw a topic in a MCTs Group while surfing on They(MCTS were discussing that Camtasia is free or not for us. I’ve been using TechSmith Camtasia about 5 years which is for Screen Recording adn video editing software. Also, I’m MCT since 2011. And […]

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[Blog Post] How To Modify Current URL Without Reloading or Redirection Using JavaScript(location.hash, history.pushState, history.replaceState)

Hi everybody, In previous post, we talked about Knockout.js. Today, we are going to deal with how to change current URL without reflesh the page. Actually, a lot of companies are using this operation which are facebook, wordpress,, and other web sites which uses single page application or kind of single page web sites. […]

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