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[Blog Post] What’s knockout.js? And First Example!

Hi everyone, Today, we are going to talk about knockout.js. I’m pretty sure that almost everyone who is a developer or who wants to develop something might have heard this amazing library. Truth be told, There are a lot of technologies to wait you to learn them and, of course, you should do. Also, you […]

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[Blog Post] This is MyLife – Summary Of ~24 Years

I graduated from high school as top student of the school. I was the first place on chess competition on high school and fifth place on pre-elimination of Chess Championship in Ankara and I am still licenced chess player. I was 4231th in University Exam, which has entered more than 1 million people. I worked […]

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[Blog Post] My New Web Application, called, is Live! – A Kind Of URL Shorten Service

Hi everyone, The project I have wanted to develop for a long time  is online finally! I’m happy to announce to you my new web application is The App is the type of URL Shorten Service everybody knows. It’s fast, really short and also free 🙂 When we are on web especially social media, […]

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[Blog Post] ASP.NET MVC İle İlgili Tüm Yazılarım (33 Yazı, 1 Yazı Dizisi ve 1 İpucu Serisi) [Güncellendi]

Merhaba Arkadaşlar, Blogumda şimdiye kadar yazdığım ASP.NET MVC ile ilgili tüm kaynakları tek bir sayfada toplamak istedim. Blogumdaki yazı sayısı her geçen gün artıyor. Bu yüzden aşağıdaki gibi konu başlıklarına göre yazıları 3 farklı bölümde ayırdım. Umarım bu şekilde bir arada olması ASP.NET MVC ile ilgilenen kişiler için oldukça iyi olacak diye düşünüyorum. ASP.NET MVC […]

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