[Blog Post] This is MyLife – Summary Of ~24 Years

Mahmut Can Sozeri

I graduated from high school as top student of the school. I was the first place on chess competition on high school and fifth place on pre-elimination of Chess Championship in Ankara and I am still licenced chess player. I was 4231th in University Exam, which has entered more than 1 million people. I worked At Institue Of Informatics in Gazi University as E-Learning Content Design Specialist(Sep 2007 – Feb 2010). I got scholarship from TEV(Turkish Educational Foundation) which is the biggest Foundation and to support talented young people who is limited financial means in Turkey for 6 years. TEV gave me 3 The Excellence Awards. I was fourth at Third National CEIT(Computer Education and Instrucational Technology) Student Congress in Turkey. I was the member of board at Turkey Ladybirds Project which gives education to more over 100.000 people. As Software Developer At Inova Arge IT Training, Consultancy Limited Company, I developed softwares(Jun 2010 – Nov 2010). I’m founder of the Information Technologies Club in Gazi University in Turkey . It is the first club for informatics in The Department and The Faculty. When I was club chairman, we succeed the biggest social activity of the university history. I gave free computer training approximately 150 people from all over ages In Turkey rural region. I was elected as Microsoft Student Partner within about fifty people in turkey. However, I was the first person selected as in Microsoft Student Partner in my department and also for the second time in my university history. As Software Developer, I developed some project for Viveka Incubation Center(Dec 2010 – Aug 2011). I helped to develop two softwares for Postgraduate thesis(2011) and helped to develop two softwares for Phd thesis worked in “Web Based Case Study Education(2010)” and “Effectiveness of Computer Based Music Education(2009)”. I graduated from Computer Education And Instructional Technology as rank #5 of Department. I have 8 Microsoft Certificates. I’m Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2011. In the entire world around two thousand people are Microsoft Certified Trainer. Also One of two hundred of them in Turkey. As Microsoft Certified Trainer, I gave 300-hour software training course approximately 500 people in Bilge Adam Academy Of Computer Technologies(Jul 2011 – Aug 2012). I was invited by Microsoft to teach a “Windows Phone” course for Summer School 2012. I was nominated as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional(MVP) Candidate for 2011-2012 Spring Term. I’m keeping a blog (in turkish & English) about software development and enterprenuership since 2010. It ranked #17,377 in turkey for alexa.com. My blog has >180k page views. I’ve 3 live projects which are SZR.me – Shorten URL Service, RenderTag.com – Create many of the Microsoft Tag types include QR Code easily, The Friend’s Horoscope – Learn Friend’s Zodiac Sign on Facebook. The first 9 months of 2012 I gave 12 different seminars. Five of them are in different cities and universities. My last professional work expriences in Turkey was at Infopark Software And Consultancy(Sep 2012 – Nov 2012). I established a startup. The Startup location was side by side with Microsoft Ofice in Bilkent Cyberpark, Ankara like silicon valley in USA. I am semi-professional swimmer. I make 3 training DVD records about teaching software. Now, I’m living in Boston, MA, USA. In addition, currently I am working on alternative payment systems and social projects.

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